Set your objectives: Understand your habits, work on them, improve yourself

  • Boost productivity and develop time management skills.
  • Let your friends know. Share selected data with your colleagues and peers, show them how you improved day by day.
  • Optimize your productivity in home office - try Personal Analytics.

Omnicontext Personal Analytics makes your time visible

  • Omnicontext Personal Analytics analyses data from all your devices and shows you your working patterns and life habits.
  • You will know how you spend your time and which activities drain your time.
  • Install the application and see for yourself.

Are you ready to improve your way of life?

The first step is understanding your habits, then you can improve them and be more productive.


Data collected through any number of computers and mobile devices

10,00 EUR per year


Data collected from any number of data sources in a company data center

2,00 EUR per year


Any combination of personal and enterprise data sources

12,00 EUR per year

All prices are per individual user account

  • The first week of use for every new account is free.
  • After the expiration of the first week the annual fee can be paid through any of the mobile apps, or invoiced to the customer to be paid by a wire transfer.
  • Payment through any one of the apps enables full data collection and access in all other apps and devices linked to this user account. Special pricing for large enterprise installations is available on request.

“I really liked the idea of this app. I have never come across another self-tracking app quite like this one, therefore I considered it to be very useful.”

– Dmytro Ovcharenko, 4.5 stars

“It was cool seeing how my phone was actually used during the day. It was very interesting information and fun to see the real-time changes.”

–Maryssa Elliott, 4 stars

“I like the way everything is set up. OmniContext is very simple, clear, and easy to use considering it’s all automated. I enjoy the data a see and have already learned some interesting things about myself.”

– Andrew Jones, 4.5 stars